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Solar Tec – 25 Years Of Lightening

Solar Tec – 25 Years Of Lightening

We aren’t just a company – We are a vision for a sustainable world!

It all began in 1998. Our Co-founders are one of the very few to realize the fact that climate change has a strong impact on the Planet. They had a vision of a world with a future energy system that is resilient. A World that can meet the energy needs while protecting its environment. 

As a result, Solar Tec was founded. 

Solar Tec’s mission is to empower Residential & Business Owners alike with energy that is Clean & Sustainable. We are determined to reduce your Electricity bills & Carbon Footprint to promote sustainability. We aim to stand as a reliable Solar Power Company to make Solar Panels Installation services easy for all! 

Solar Tec is working hard to provide innovate and top-quality services since 1998. We consider ourselves more than lucky to declare that we have exceeded our customer’s expectations with our hard work and top-quality services.

Workers installing solar panels on a framework, collaborating to set up a solar energy system with precision.
A team of workers assembling solar panels on a rooftop, diligently constructing a solar energy system.

We Are On A ZERO Carbon, Solar Energy Mission, Are You With Us?

The journey isn’t over yet!

We have introduced new Batteries, Management Systems, Energy Storage System Modules, and other solutions to help promote sustainability. Our team is constantly working to provide benefits to our residential and business customers. We only strive to be better with time! We plan to add to our capabilities through strong and sustained business growth and robust relationships with our customers.

Our vision is to contribute to the Green Energy Mission, making the world a better place to live!

We are changing people’s lives from being dependent on non-renewable resources to becoming energy independent with clean renewable solar power. We take pride in designing and installing custom residential and commercial solar power systems at a fraction of the cost of other companies, without compromising on quality!

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