Solar Tec – 25 Years of Lightening

Solar Tec isn’t just a company – It’s a vision for a sustainable and clean world. Our story began in 1998 when the co-founders realized that pollution and climate change have an adverse impact on humans, animals, trees, and natural environment. They had a vision of a world with a future energy system that is resilient and adaptive that can meet the energy needs while protecting the environment. The result was combination of entrepreneurial, marketing, and business skills to create Solar Tec.

Solar Tec’s mission statement is to empower residential and business owners with clean and sustainable energy solutions that reduce their electricity bills, reduce the carbon footprint, and promote sustainability. We aim to stand as a reliable residential solar power company to provide sustainable Residential Solar Installations. We want to build long term business relationship by providing Commercial Solar Panels to businesses. We have embedded innovation, learning, and growth in our business model. Solar Tec continuously strives to provide innovative and high-quality products that match or exceed the expectations of our customers. We’ve come a long way since 1998.

We are on a 0 Carbon, Solar Energy
Mission, Are You with Us?

The journey isn’t over yet, we have introduced new batteries, battery management systems, battery energy storage system modules, and other solutions that promote sustainability and help provide benefits to residential and business customers. We plan to add to our capabilities through strong and sustained business growth and robust relationships with our customers.

Our vision is to contribute to the Green Energy Mission, making the world a better place to live!

We are changing people’s lives from being dependent on non-renewable resources to becoming energy independent with clean renewable solar power. We take pride in designing and installing custom residential and commercial solar power systems at a fraction of the cost of other companies, without compromising on quality!