I purchased my 12.8 KW Residential Solar System from Solar-Tec Systems in 2017. I was able to cover my entire bill of $ 700 monthly which left me with only miscellaneous taxes from the SDG&E which combined over 1 year were less than $ 150 annually. I sold my house in 2021 to retire and as able to recoup the entire $ 40,000 I paid for the system. The investment was one of the best I’ve ever made and it also helped our Environment for Future Generation.

We purchased our 5.76 KW Residential System from Solar-Tec Systems in 2016. The system has been flawless since it was installed. Our Entire Electric Bill was covered by the System we purchased and we know we’ll only have small taxes to pay SCE each year. The great news is the system is paid for now so that extra $ 175 is going into our savings account each month and will be until we decide to sell our home.