I purchased my 11.5 KW Residential System in 2017 from Solar-Tec Systems. My roof wasn’t completely cooperative but they managed to place enough panels on it to cover about 85% of my existing bill from SDG&E. I’ve had the system running problem free for 5 years now and it is now paid off. Every month my wife and I enjoy putting that extra $ 450 in the bank which we enjoy for vacations with the family. A Battery Storage System will be added next to insure being able to run some household items when the Power Grid goes down in case of Brownouts or complete Power Shutdowns. Solar-Tec Systems will be my provider of that system as well.

We purchased our 8.32 KW Residential System in 2018 from Solar-Tec Systems. The solar system covered our entire bill of $ 350 monthly with about 15% cushion for extra usage if we chose. The only bill we had left from SDG&E was for Misc. Taxes which totaled about $ 150 annually. The only thing I regret is when my husband was transferred to Texas in 2020 I no longer had energy that was free except for the monthly solar system payment which was only $ 200 and would have been paid off in 2023.