Expectations vs Reality

Home Solar Installation is often touted as a key solution to our energy problems and a way to reduce our monthly electricity bills. With any new technology, reality can often fall short of expectations. In this blog, we will take a closer look at the solar energy expectations vs reality to have a clear picture of this renewable energy source.

Unlimited Energy Potential

One of the most common expectations of solar energy is that it provides unlimited energy potential. While it’s true that the sun doesn’t possess any limit on the consumption of its energy, the reality is the opposite. According to stats, most residential solar energy systems can only capture a small fraction of this energy of about 75-100 watts of electricity.

Moreover, the efficiency of solar panels depends on several factors, the angle and orientation of the panels, the weather conditions, and the system’s location. The larger the surface area, the more space to install solar energy panels, resulting in increased energy.

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The Reality of Energy Storage

A lot of people expect solar energy to be an excellent option for energy storage. Compared to other energy sources, solar energy can both generate and allow you to save only a sufficient amount of power for later use. 

Since storage systems are expensive to install and maintain, generating and storing more than a limited amount is never a good choice. In short, solar energy storage systems are not much efficient as a significant amount of energy is already lost during storage and retrieval.

The Limitations of Solar Energy

While solar energy has numerous benefits, it also has several limitations that can impact the overall potential. First, solar energy is weather dependent and may not be able to help during extreme weather conditions. This can make it difficult for businesses and households to rely solely on solar energy, especially during periods of high energy demand, such as heat waves, intense cold fever, and extreme temperatures.

The Potential of Solar Energy

Solar energy is expected to have unlimited potential as a clean and renewable energy source. While solar energy certainly has potential, the limited efficiency can cause a conflict between the two.  In simple words, solar panels can only convert a fraction of the sun’s energy into electricity, with the help of a large number of panels to generate power. As a result, it can lead to high costs and a limited ability to generate electricity in different scenarios.


Another expectation of solar energy is that it will be cost-effective. Although solar energy can be a cheaper alternative to monthly electricity bills, the initial investment is relatively high when compared to other energy sources.

As technology advances and spreads across borders, the cost of solar panels will decrease, making it an affordable option for homeowners and businesses to invest in a reliable energy source.

Limited Access

Another reality of solar energy is that it is not yet widely accessible because of limited awareness. Many still lack the infrastructure to take advantage of this renewable energy source. However, the best way to fill this gap is by spreading awareness to create interest 

about the benefits of solar energy.

Future Advances in Solar Energy  

Scientists are working to increase the efficiency of solar panels, allowing them to convert more of the sun’s energy into electricity. This will help make solar energy a viable option to meet increasing energy demands and reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.

Solar energy has immense potential to be a clean and renewable solution to our energy problems, but reality tells another story. While the technology is advancing, it still faces limitations in its efficiency and accessibility that are expected to be solved in a few years.

In today’s world energy is everything. We are well aware with the current economic situation which has taken over the world by storm and has given rise to the worldwide energy crises & inflation. With the skyrocketing prices it is now the need of the hour to make smart choices for your business. Corporations are becoming niftier with business adoptions. They are looking for ways that will benefit their business demands in the long run. This raises the question: Why is it essential for your business to have its own independent energy source?

What do the Statistics Suggest?

Based on the 2018 Commercial Buildings Energy Consumption Survey (CBECS), the estimated 5.9 million U.S. commercial buildings consumed 6.8 quadrillion thermal units of energy and spent $141 billion on energy in 2018. Where electricity was one of the main energy sources used. This figure is not at all surprising, as we are well aware of the fact that commercial lands are much more immense, and the usage of tens if not hundreds of gears & machineries is a must to get the work done.

Better for the Ecological System

Commercial buildings consume 13.6 quads of electricity (35 percent of electricity consumed in the U.S.) and generate 826 million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions (16 percent of all U.S. carbon dioxide emissions), yearly. This not only dents the ecological system, but a huge amount of electricity is required to meet the yearly requirement for the corporates and commercial businesses. Saving energy and resources is a much healthier alternative that is necessary nowadays as people are becoming more and more conscious and self-aware. This is not only lighter on the budget but is better for the ecological system when it comes to mass production on a commercial level. This is why it has now become a necessity to install solar panels for commercial buildings. Commercial solar installation should be the first step you take if you are planning to have a commercial business that is stable and self-sufficient.

Eco-friendly is the new cool

More brands are talking about it, and we all know that it is now a necessity to have a brand that not only appeals to the public but is also Eco-friendly. With the current catastrophic natural events & disasters surging all across the globe due to Global Warming and Green House Effect, Commercial Sector is hopping on the train of “Go Green”.

This plea to the public can be beneficial and determines how your company succeeds in the Commercial Business in the long run. As commercial solar installations not only provide you with unlimited but also play a huge role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, helping conserve energy resources, and decreasing the use of harmful fossil fuels.

Tax Benefits

It has been stated that your company becomes eligible for the Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) if it installs solar panels. For solar panels installed by the end of 2022, this program offers a federal tax credit of 26%. Companies that buy solar systems before 2033 are eligible for a 30% tax rebate. It makes sense to urge prospective business clients to go solar before the incentive tapers down because it will drop to 26% in 2033.

The tax benefits you can obtain are one of the main advantages of switching to solar electric power. Governments at all levels, from the municipal to the federal, have provided beneficial tax credits and financial aid programs to encourage homeowners and business owners to transition to solar energy that is renewable, clean, and efficient.

A Boost in your Commercial Marketing & Sales

Research suggests that most consumers choose to support ecologically beneficial organizations. This can be your unique selling point when it comes to adding value to your business, morally and socially.  A fairly obvious approach to demonstrate your dedication to sustainability is through commercial solar installation. Most likely, you will use regional solar installers for the project, boosting the local economy. Taking such social responsibility increases consumer confidence in your brand.

An Upsurge in Property value in the market

Solar panels for commercial buildings are not just here to save the ecosystem but it is also a great incentive for the overall shared value of your commercial assets. It is overall a better business investment that will not only benefit you in the long run but also is way cheaper when it comes to maintenance. All this is because commercial solar installation keeps your energy bills very low.

So, it is safe to declare that the value of your business property can be greatly raised by commercial solar installations. After all, investing in solar panels for commercial buildings gives rise to clean, renewable energy sources that are rewarding. Installing commercial solar panels most definitely boosts the market value of your property and also provides a great return on investment.

Implementation of Solar Panels for Commercial Buildings

If you have made up your mind and taken the first step to know why commercial solar installation is necessary for your business, then the next important step is to know how to do it. It is no doubt that a commercial solar installation is a great and benefitting plan, but you still should be proceeding carefully.

You should first take a look at how well and operative the solar panels would be on your property, as the areas that are located at a lower scope and a drier climate will generate more solar power than the area that is situated at a higher latitude and temperate climates. Similarly, properties that consist of rooftops that are free from shades and are unbothered by dramatic seasonal changes are going to benefit more.

Taking notes of such points while making important business decisions such as this one will help and being mindful of the information you can now look at the expected cost of the commercial solar installation.