New Net Metering Deadline: Solar customers that submit their interconnection application before April 14, 2023 can be grandfathered into NEM 2.0 for 20 years. Solar owners that are grandfathered into NEM 2.0 will be able to add battery storage later and remain on NEM 2.0

Solar-Tec is a Commercial Solar Contractor that designs and installs commercial, industrial and business solar electric systems. These solar systems can rapidly pay for themselves in energy savings compared to your local utility rates. Installing solar panels on your commercial building can not only set a business apart by demonstrating dedication to the environment and community – it is a brilliant investment with guaranteed returns. In 2021, people care about the environment. Therefore, you can show your clients and customers that your business is one that’s green and powered by a clean renewable energy source.

A solar panel installation saves your company on energy costs and provides insurance value to the company by insulating it from future energy price spikes. Solar energy for businesses locks in low, predictable rates, capitalizing on a volatile energy future. It’s a smart business decision all around.

    In 2022, there is a 30% federal tax credit available for the installation of a commercial solar energy system in the form of the Business Energy Investment Tax Credit (ITC). Businesses are also allowed to accelerate the depreciation of their PV systems on federal and state taxes. Renewable solar energy can be a great way to meet your business power requirements while saving on your utility bills. We can provide you with premium installation solutions, tailored uniquely to suit your business requirements. Ygrene Commercial Pace Financing is now available in Aliso Viejo, Anaheim, Brea, Buena Park, Costa Mesa, Fountain Valley, Garden Grove, Huntington Beach, La Habra, Laguna Beach, Lake Forest, Mission Viejo, Newport Beach, Santa Ana and Westminster, California.

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