New Net Metering Deadline: Solar customers that submit their interconnection application before April 14, 2023 can be grandfathered into NEM 2.0 for 20 years. Solar owners that are grandfathered into NEM 2.0 will be able to add battery storage later and remain on NEM 2.0

Solar-Tec Systems, Inc. is a solar carport contractor that provides top quality turn key solar electric carport installations throughout California. These carport structures can be used in a variety of solar installations including Solar Carports, Solar/EV Charging Stations, Solar Truck Bays and Solar RV/Boat Storage. Each solar carport can be specifically designed to virtually any height and pitch. Solar electric carport systems are extremely reliable, efficient, and low-maintenance.

An ideal location to build solar carports is anywhere with a parking lot and limited shading from trees and tall buildings. Solar Carports are the perfect solution for protecting vehicles and generating clean energy for your property. Above all, California has the ideal combination of great sun exposure, strong net metering laws and the current 2022 Federal solar tax credits of 30% along with the 100% depreciation for 2022 makes a solar carport system an excellent investment.

Solar Carport Contractor Let us design a solar carport that works for you. Whether you need to upgrade an old carport with solar panels, or need a new solar carport installed from scratch, we can oblige you. Call Us at 949.248.9728 and bring Solar Power to Your Parking Lot


    Solar Carport Benefits:

    • Minimizing electrical expenses: Generate revenue from your parking lot and reduce your electrical energy costs.
    • Reduce your carbon footprint: Your business can have sustainable energy that benefit the environment and the community. Also, consumers tend to show appreciation to companies that are committed to clean sustainable energy.
    • Efficient use of space: To install a carport, no additional space is required, instead an already existing space can be utilized to maximize efficiency and increase comfort for your employees and customers.
    • Adaptability: A solar carport can be designed to meet the energy demands of your business. Each solar carport system is custom designed for the energy requirements of your business using the parking lot spaces as needed.