Commercial Solar Electric Installers

There is an immeasurable benefit in utilizing clean and renewable energy to demonstrate to customers that the company is on the forefront of cultural and environmental awareness. The addition of solar PV system rapidly pays for itself in energy savings compared to utility rates. Installing solar panels on your commercial building can not only set a business apart by demonstrating dedication to the environment and community – it is a brilliant investment with guaranteed returns. Installing solar panels on your business sends the right message to the building occupants and the customers that interact with your establishment.

A solar panel installation saves your company on energy costs and provides insurance value to the company by insulating it from future energy price spikes. Solar energy for businesses locks in low, predictable rates, capitalizing on a volatile energy future. It’s a smart business decision all around.

A 30% federal tax credit is available for the installation of a commercial solar energy system in the form of the Business Energy Investment Tax Credit (ITC). Businesses are also allowed to accelerate the depreciation of their PV systems on federal and state taxes. Solar Tec Systems, Inc. designs and installs utility-scale solar systems, solar carports, solar farms, municipal and industrial solar systems


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