At Solar-Tec Systems, Inc., we are changing people’s lives from being dependent on non-renewable resources to becoming energy independent with clean renewable solar power. We know energy and we provide solutions to meet your energy needs. Solar-Tec Systems, Inc. is a California Solar Contractor that specializes in the design and installation of residential and commercial solar energy systems.

We have been licensed Solar Contractors since 1998 and believe in delivering only the highest quality solar electric and solar hot water heating system installations.

We have installed solar energy systems on hundreds of homes, businesses and apartment buildings throughout Southern California, saving our clients thousands of dollars. Our low-maintenance solar electric systems for residential and commercial properties will reduce operating costs, conserve natural resources, and protect you from rising electrical costs. A professional, well trained crew will install your solar panel system with the highest care and respect for your property. We strive to empower our clients to reduce their reliance on less sustainable electric utilities and lead the way into clean economical renewable energy.

We have been a California solar contractor now for 21 years that provides architects, engineers, contractors, commercial developers and homeowners with a single source of responsibility for the design, integration and installation of the best solar renewable energy systems available. Our focus is on reliability, technical excellence and superior customer service.

California has the perfect combination of great sun exposure, a strong net metering law and the 2019 30% Federal Solar Tax Credits. All this means that California homeowners and businesses can receive an excellent return on their investment by installing solar energy systems powered by the Sun.

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